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Wedding photographer

I settled in the North of Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Longwy. As I am along the Luxembourg border, it is not unusual for me to go to Luxembourg for my weddings. I often go to Differdange which is, with Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange, the closest town to my home.

My career in photography

I discovered photography when I was a teenager. At that time, I photographed everything around me without distinction, be it my family, strangers or landscapes. As the years went by, my taste for portraits became more and more pronounced, and then I found myself less good at landscape photography, as if all this space refused to fit into my frame. 

It was through Amandine, the photographer of my own wedding, that I discovered the strange world of wedding photography. I made my first steps with her, and it is with her approval that I launched myself as a professional photographer and made my first services. I remain a portrait lover, and even though I try to take pictures of the many beautiful settings chosen by my brides and grooms, I always end up taking very close-up shots of hugs, laughter or a few held back tears. I love the idea of conveying to those who see my photos a little bit of my bride and groom's joy, and for them to say, "I wish I could have been there."

Photographe mariage Differdange Luxembourg

My photo services in the country

I travel throughout the region to cover weddings or photo shoots




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Wedding photographer near Differdange

I often have the opportunity to accompany my brides and grooms on a photo shoot, before or after the wedding. This can be an opportunity to photograph them in the streets of their city: a familiar setting, or a place that has a special meaning can help to find the spontaneity that we have trouble showing when we are in front of the lens. I regularly go to Differdange for couples sessions at the bride and groom's home, in their neighborhood or in places they like!

Photographe de mariage Differdange Luxembourg

Wedding venues around Differdange

Thanks to my job, I regularly discover new reception places in the region, whether they are French, Belgian or Luxembourgish. Differdange being just like me at the crossroads of France, Belgium and Luxembourg, which multiplies the choice of beautiful places, whether it is on my side of the border or not! On my side of the border, the Château de Preisch and the Clos de Lorraine often welcome weddings. In Luxembourg, there are the Château de Septfontaines, in the Rollingergrund district, the Neumünster abbey in the Grund district, or the Orangerie de Mondorff, which host magnificent receptions every year. 


Luxembourg being quite extended, I specify here the modalities of my travel if we are to work together !

Close to home

100 km included in any wedding or photo session package

Short trips

billing per additional kilometer above 100km

Long trips

Tailor-made formula based on the destination; transport and accomodation costs provided by the bride and groom

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