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Photographe de mariage à Rennes, la photo représente les mariés à leur arrivée au vin d'honneur avec leurs témoins qui agitent des fumigènes autour d'eux.


near Lorient

I grew up in Loire Atlantique, near Nantes. As a child I spent many family holidays in Cotes d'Armor but I discovered the rest of Brittany when I became a wedding photographer. I then had the chance to come and work in Morbihan especially near Lorient.

Photo de mariage, un couple se regarde près du bord de mer, près de Lorient

I have three main wedding photography formulas depending on the number of hours I am to spend on the wedding : 6, 9 or 12. During the months before the wedding, I have one or many discussions with the bride and groom to choose the photography wedding service that best fits them depending on their planning and their wishes. I can also create a tailor-made reportage when the bride and groom have specific wishes or options they would like to add: wedding lasting two days or more, photographer presence for more than 12 hours or Day After in a specific place.


I write down every aspect of the wedding photography service we talk about before the wedding. My goal is to create a specification of the photo service as accurate as possible, so on the wedding day I know exactly what the couple wants and expects from their photographer. I also try to gather as many informations regarding the wedding as possible, so I don't have to ask the bride and groom too many questions on their big day. As a photographer, I stay by their side but as discreetly as I can so they can focus on enjoying their day and relaxing.

The reportage is created within three weeks of the event and showed to the bride and groom via an online gallery. I also send them the photos in a little box so they can keep a tangible memory of this beautiful day. My photos are my best publicity, but they remain the testimony of a personal and intimate moment, which is why I never share any photo of a wedding before the bride and groom see their gallery and tell me wether they are ok with me sharing it or not. 


I accompany my clients for their photo sessions or their wedding throughout the department of Morbihan

Séance photo des mariés en bord de mer dans le Morbihan


Manoir de Randrecard, Morbihan


Mariage de Sara et Thomas-132.jpg


Château d'Urspelt, Luxembourg


séance photo avec des mariés à Saint Malo en Ille et Vilaine




I was lucky to be trained by my own wedding photographer. I photographed my first events for free as her second shooter, and she had the patience to review most of my first wedding reportages, so her feedback would help me improve and develop my technique until she would deem me ready to work on my own as a professional wedding photographer.

I kept from my own search for a wedding photographer the belief that a relationship of trust and good communication are necessary for the bride and groom to have the photos they dream of. Communication is fundamental to me and I try to be kind and open-minded with my couples so they can easily share their questions or doubts with me.

As for the photography technique, I mostly go for spontaneous shots. I do very few posed photos, except in specific contexts such as during the couple session of the bride and groom on the wedding day. I can also adopt a most posing approach if the bride and groom want me to : in the end of the day they are the one I work for. My edits are generally bright and white but my role is to adapt my pictures to the atmosphere of each event and to the desires of the newlyweds so each reportage will have a slightly different rendering.


As you may know by now, I am always ready to accompany the bride and groom everywhere in Brittany. I have loved this region since I was a child and I am very happy my job allows me to keep discovering new landscapes and places. Well, this discovery is sometimes accompanied by a few galleys. For example, I got lost on my way back from Randrecart Manor around 3am because my GPS had forfeited. I criss-crossed many small villages before finally finding the departmental road - but I agree it's more a me problem than Morbihan suddenly becoming a maze.

In addition to the pretty little night roads, the region has many magnificent venues for celebrating weddings. Around Lorient, there are the Domaine Le Moulin de Saint-Yves, or much further east the Château de Lannouan or the Domaine de Saint Meen. I mostly worked around Vannes where Randrecart Manor is as well as the Château de Beauregard or the Château de Kerfily. North of the city the Domaine de Clégrio and the Manoir de la Fresnaye also host weddings. When the preparations  of the bride and groom take place there, I come to the estate before my service so I can take photos of the venue before the wedding starts. It also gives me time to discover the domaine if I come there for the first time.

Portrait d'une mariée le jour de son mariage à Lorient


To know more about me, you can visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

Photo de détails d'une bague de fiançailles posée sur les faire parts de mariage lors d'un mariage à Lorient dans le Morbihan


Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!

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