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in Lorraine

I officially launched my activity as a wedding photographer while I was in Lorraine. I now have the opportunity to work everywhere in France, but it is in the region that I work the most, especially in Meurthe et Moselle around Nancy and in Moselle on the side ofMetz

Couple de mariés qui marchent devant la Porte Héré sur la place Stanislas à Nancy


Before becoming specifically a wedding photographer, I first discovered photography. As a child, one of my specialties was to try a new creative activity every two weeks. It then became a passion until I discovered something else. I tried photography, writing, drawing, painting, embroidery, various and varied collages, the creation of herbariums, collections of flowers, pebbles or fans (loved those, still do), learning languages or trying out musical instruments. Most of these passions turned out to be ephemeral, except for two of them that were more tenacious: writing and photography. I started taking my camera everywhere with me, without imagining for a moment the possibility of making a job out of it.

I owe my career as a photographer to Amandine, my wedding photographer. Through her I discovered the reality of this profession. She also agreed to let me come with her on several weddings so I could work for free and learn the job. She helped me to believe in this beautiful project and to make it happen by training me. She also immortalized my own wedding which made me realize how important these photos can be emotionally and the joy they bring when they are beautifully made. It convinced me of the importance of this job and the role we get to play in other people's life.

Today, I strive to embody for the newlyweds who trust me the ideal photographer that I myself was looking for. Each service is above all a relationship of trust with a couple. Good communication is essential to identify everyone's desires and the importance of such and such an aspect of the photo report. Kindness, humor, lightness, are also qualities that I strive to put at the service of the bride and groom so that the day goes as sweet and serene as possible for them.


I work with couples in the whole region to cover weddings.

I mostly work around Nancy but I also regularly go to Meuse, in Moselle around Metz or in the mountains of Vosges for weddings or photo shoots



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


I do photo shoots for couples but also for families or friends.


To find out more about the services I provide to couples and families


When I was a teenager, I read an interview that was a discussion between Robert Doisneau and Frank Horvat about photography and what it means. I remember reading a quote from Frank Horvat saying "The moment cannot be both lived and preserved." This sentence struck me. Firstly because she was pretty and I kept a notebook of quotes at the time. It then took on another meaning when I started photography, and I think it perfectly sums up my approach as a wedding photographer and why it is such an important responsability.

We spend months preparing, imagining, dreaming of a wedding day that will finally goes by extremely quickly, and I don't think we can fully savor it if we also have to worry about immortalizing it. Taking on this responsibility relieves the bride and groom of this worry and allows them to fully live their day. I try my best to level up to their expectations as I know how important those photos are to us and how meaningful they are.

In order to design each wedding report in the image of the desires and personality of each couple, I complete with them over the course of our exchanges a report of the photo service. Even if marriages often follow a similar framework, each couple has its own desires, a story, a particular sensitivity. I try to take into account the sum of all these little details that make a love story to give each report a particular tone and atmosphere, so that each series of photos reflects the couples who choose to entrust me with the memories of this important day.

Photo d'une mariée qui marche son  bouquet à la main sur la Place Stanislas à Nancy

I am at your disposal if you want to talk to me about your project and your desires

A first conversation obviously does not commit you to anything!

Photo de l'opéra et de l'une des fontaines de la place Stanislas à Nancy

Nancy's Place Stanislas : a must-have for wedding photos

When I discovered Nancy, I instantly fell in love with the Place Stanislas and that love remained intact through the years. Built in the 18th century, the Place Stanislas is now pedestrianized and offers a magnificent, light-filled setting that I systematically suggest to couples for their photos. I am indeed trying to sell the Place Stan to people getting married in Brittany, that's how much I can be obsessive over places I like. If you're getting married in Nancy, I wish you sublime photos in this timeless setting.

Couple de mariés photographiés sur la place Stanislas à Nancy


My activity was born in Lorraine, which naturally leads me to work a lot there and will always give this region a special place in my work. Some places in the region have seen my first steps as a wedding photographer or have been discovered over the years and the reportages I got to create: the Clos de Lorraine, the Château de Thillombois, the Abbaye des Prémontrés, the Château d'Haroué,of Art-sur-Meurthe, Vandéléville or Hattonchâtel. I am still waiting to discover some of them, such as the Castle Ernest, Castle of Boucq, of Monthairons or that of Saulxures-les-Nancy. I travel of course elsewhere in the region Lorraine -MoselleMeuse and Vosges - and throughout France according to the desires of couples who entrust me with their photos.

Portrait d'une mariée sur la place Stanislas à Nancy


I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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