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Photographie de mariage montrant les mariés arrivant à leur vin d'honneur. Ils marchent avec leurs témoins qui agitent des fumigènes blancs

Wedding photographer
in Pornic

I was born in Nantes, and I grew up in Loire-Atlantique. My first steps as a photographer were made on the customs path of Pornic where we often walked. I then had to leave the region for my studies and my professional beginnings. My reconversion to wedding photography gave me the opportunity to work in Loire-Atlantique, especially on the seaside near Pornic.

portrait de la mariée durant ses préparatifs le jour de son mariage

I elaborated my formulas of wedding services according to the number of hours of service on the D-day: I propose photo-reportages of 6h, 9h or 12h of service. The exchanges with the bride and groom allow us to define if one of my standard formulas would suit them or if they wish to plan a custom-made service. 

I strive to deliver to the bride and groom their wedding reportage three weeks maximum after the event. I create an online gallery for the bride and groom to use. At the same time, a personalized box is sent to them containing a few prints of their wedding and a USB key containing their entire reportage.

The online gallery allows the bride and groom to browse through their photos and give me their feedback. I always wait for their approval and validation of their gallery before posting pictures of their wedding, either on my website or my social networks. Besides the fact that I prefer to make sure that the bride and groom are satisfied with their photo-reportage before broadcasting it, I don't want to risk damaging the relationship of trust that I try to build with them by broadcasting their photos before they have had the chance to see them themselves.

photo d'une mariée s'apprêtant à lancer son bouquet le jour de son mariage


Charly & Romain

Mariage de Jeanne et Malo (329 sur 702).jpg


Malo & Jeanne

Mariage d'Olivia et Cyril-359.jpg


Olivia & Cyril

My approach to wedding photography

The bride and groom contact me first of all because my photos can correspond to what they are looking for for their wedding, but the first exchanges are the occasion to validate an essential point for any good collaboration on a wedding: to make sure that it is possible to work together in confidence and benevolence. Technical competence is of course necessary, but I think it is easier to work when I feel that the bride and groom trust me and feel legitimate to share their doubts or concerns with me, whether it is on the big day or before.

This relationship of trust that I try to build with each couple is above all based on transparency: we take the time to discuss each point of my photo services. I always carry out two 'mandatory' interviews within the framework of a wedding photo service. The first exchange is the one that allows the bride and groom to confirm if they wish to work with me and where we take the time to detail each aspect of the photo service. The second conversation takes place a few days or weeks before the wedding in order to review the entire planning of the day and to verify that I have all the necessary information for the big day? Some couples don't need to do more than these two exchanges, others prefer regular meetings: I adapt to the needs of each one!

As far as photo technique is concerned, I prefer the reportage approach, and the most spontaneous photos possible. My objective is that each reportage transcribes as faithfully as possible the atmosphere and the emotions specific to each wedding. I obtain this result by alternating moments where I am rather discreet, observing and photographing the moment; and other moments where I am more present when the bride and groom or the guests wish it: group photos, couple session or guests a little intimidated by the camera, for example.

My first steps as a photographer on the paths of Pornic

I discovered photography when I was a teenager, when I 'stole' the reflex my father had offered to my mother (who found it "a little heavy" - the camera, not my father, who is charming). I started photography with the landscapes I knew and loved: the Côtes d'Armor where I used to go on vacation, and the seaside paths of Pornic, where we often went with our family on weekends.

I then turned to wedding photography, with the help of my Breton wedding photographer. Funny coincidence: the very first wedding I covered as a wedding photographer took place in Loire-Atlantique, at the Château de Thouaré, where I myself got married!

Pornic has played a role throughout my career as an amateur and professional photographer. As a child, I walked there with my family. As a teenager, I got my first camera there. As a young woman, I was proposed to there, which led me to meet the photographer who then trained me in this beautiful profession. Today I am delighted to come back to Pornic for seaside photo sessions and wedding photography services.

photo d'une bague de fiançaille posée dans un écrin en velours rose

Getting married around Pornic

When I started to prepare my wedding, though I was not an inhabitant of Pornic, I clearly dreamed of a wedding by the sea. I also dreamed of spending my wedding day on the terrace of La Fraiseraie eating pear/chocolate sorbets all day. When I had to admit that this plan was unreasonable, and that you can't spend a day eating ice cream (well, you can, but imposing it on 100 people seems ambitious), I had to find reception venues in Loire-Atlantique.

I grew up in Thouaré-sur-Loire, and I started to search for nice places around Nantes, and even beyond. I listed some domains that I found beautiful, whether or not they were compatible with my budget: the Château de la Poterie, the Château de la Pigossière or the Gîte de la Filature d'Angreviers. I can also mention the Château du Vair and the Château du Challain. I also remember having visited the pretty Château de la Bretonnière: the owner had made us laugh a lot by telling us the story of a gentleman who, having drunk a little too much, ended up in the lake.

My endless lists and our visits were finally of little use, since we got married at the Château de Thouaré-sur-Loire, 300m from my parents' home. My long list of beautiful estates has been put away for several years, but I'm now taking it out again as part of my job as a wedding photographer, hoping to check off as many places as possible where I'll go as a photographer, since I won't be the bride anymore!


To know more about me, you can also visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

photo des packagings proposés aux mariés dans le cadre des prestations de photographie de mariage. La photo représente la boîte fournie aux mariés lors de la remise de leur reportage contenant des tirages leur clé usb et un peu de lavande. La boîte est gravée à leurs noms

A relationship of trust

Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!

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