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in Rennes

I discovered photography as a child. Back then I used to spend every summer in Brittany. I now come back in the region as a wedding photographer and I get to work around Rennes in Ille-et-Vilaine.

Portrait d'une mariée lors des préparatifs de son mariage, à Rennes en Ille-et-Vilaine

The main difference between my wedding services formulas is the time of presence on the wedding day. I try to find the service that best fits the planning and desires of each couple I work with. I also provide tailor-made services when the bride and groom want additional options: wedding over several days, album, photo shoot, brunch the next day, etc.

During the months before the wedding and everytime I meet or speak with the bride and groom, I take notes of their wishes regarding their wedding photo reportage. I try to define the service they want as precisely as possible so I am fully independent and as efficient as possible on the wedding day. 

The photos are delivered via an online gallery three weeks after the event. I also send the newlyweds a small personalized box containing some prints of their wedding and a USB key containing their report.

I am as proud of my photos as a child would be of a particularly well done pasta necklace. So of course, I want to share them! However, I am aware that this is a very emotional and vulnerable moment for the couple and they might want to keep those memories private. This is why no picture of any wedding is ever published on my website nor my social medias until the bride and groom can see their gallery and tell me whether or not they allow me to use their reportage for my communication.


I accompany the newlyweds for their wedding or for a photo shoot both in the streets of Rennes and in the region of Ille-et-Vilaine

photo d'un couple de mariée au bord de la merd dans le Morbihan le jour de leur mariage en Bretagne


Manoir de Randrecard, Morbihan


photo d'un couple marchant les pieds dans l'eau sur la plage de Saint-Malo en Bretagne


Saint-Malo,Ille et Vilaine



I think I'm trying to be the wedding photographer I was looking for at the time of my own wedding. I was then trained by my own wedding photographer, so her professional qualities which led me to choose her were passed on to me (at least some of them, I hope) during my training. She was patient enough to give me feedback on several of my first photo reports, and I waited for her approval to start working officially as a wedding photographer.

In my opinion, a good wedding photo service rests above all on a healthy relationship with the bride and groom, with trust and communication. My goal on the wedding day is to make it easy for the bride and groom to come to me for anything : questions, wishes, doubts, etc. Building such a relationship requires for us to be open about how we want to work together when we discuss the photography service before the wedding. I try to understand their expectations and their personalities as best as possible to be present for them on the D-Day while leaving them space to enjoy this beautiful day the way they want.

​As for photography itself, I prefer the reportage style consisting mainly of spontaneous photos. On a wedding day, I try to be discreet most of the time in order to capture moments of complicity and emotion. I may have to be more directive at the request of the bride and groom or at specific times during the wedding. For example, the couple session can quickly be an anxiety-provoking moment because it is an unusual and somewhat intimidating exercise, hence the importance of having a photographer capable of guiding you and helping you relax so you make the most of the moment. 


Brittany is an important part of my career as a photographer. As a child, I spent all my summers in Cotes d'Armor. I discovered photography there during family holidays, when I photographed landscapes I loved (well, when I say "landscape" it was basically rocks, sea, sea crashing rocks, close-up of rocks, etc.

Don't judge, I was 13.)


Later, at my own wedding, I met my wedding photographer who mainly works in Brittany so when I went on her weddings it was in the region. I then returned to the area for more weddings, this time as a professional photographer.


Today, I have the chance to come regularly to Ille-et-Villaine and in the Rennes region to accompany the bride and groom and enjoy the breton landscapes (be sure I do try to get out of the triptych  rocks/sea/sea crashing on the rocks). A couple session in the streets of Rennes or a wedding in one of the pretty venues in the region, a photo session walking by the sea or sitting at a café: I come with you in any place you like!

Shooting à Chazelles-64.jpg


To know more about me, you can visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

Détail d'une table de mariage à Rennes en Ille-et-Vilaine. On voit une assiette et des couverts et un grand bouquet de fleurs en arrière-plan.


Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!

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