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My services

  Based in the north of Lorraine, I mainly work in France.
I can also go in Belgium and Luxembourg, or even further if you want me to!  


My goal is to come with my newlyweds on D-Day but also during the preparation of this event. I must be there for them, to answer their questions and organize a day that suits them. It's only through communication that you can trust me and make the most of your day.

I can be with you from the very beginning of your day and your getting-ready until the start of your dance party.

We can also arrange an engagement session or a Day After if you're willing to.


Just like for a wedding, communication is essential: I need to discuss with you before the session to understand your expectations, and for you to trust me enough to be as natural as possible in front of the camera.

Depending on what you want, we will establish the program of the session.

  Family events

  Besides weddings, I can be there for you on all types of family events (baptisms, bar mitzvah, birthdays, family celebrations and so on).


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