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and an important reminder

Because I can't stress it enough: a first exchange with me doesn't commit you to anything!

(Except to have a good time and potentially talk about something that has nothing to do with your wedding - I have a gift for digressions. We once ended up exchanging recipes with a bride-to-be).

You're about to choose the person that will be by your side on a very important and emotional day. There's no better way to choose your photographer than to talk to several vendors and choose the one whose work and personality suit you best. And even if we don't work together, at the very least we'll have had a good laugh (I'm my best audience) and you'll no doubt have picked up a few useful tips!

Anyway, drop me a line and we'll schedule a video call!

(potentially featuring my pyjamas, or even a bowl of rice salad depending on the time of the day you call me - I'm sure you cannot wait)


thank you for your message

I'll come back to you very soon!

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