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The photos I prefer capture spontaneous moments which only exist in front of the lens by creating a relationship of trust and complicity with those who appear in them. 

I constantly seek for balance to guide and reassure the bride and groom without ever imposing anything. I know from experience that if we sometimes admire "beautiful" images, we only really cherish photographies that freeze those we love and become a reminder of everything we love about them. I would like for each of my photos to be that important to someone. I believe photography revives what memory tarnishes.

Photo en clair obscur d'un couple de mariés dans les escaliers de la mairie de Nancy

My clients

Want elegant and ambitious photos while living their day being fun and carefree

I deeply believe it is possible to create elegant and sophisticated images my clients will cherish their entire life while maintaining a light, spontaneous and fun atmosphere on the wedding day.

It's my job to find the right balance so my couples will enjoy their day and still get the elegant, ambitious and sophisticated reportage they are expecting from a professional photographer.

Are looking for someone to create a relationship of trust to shape their photo reportage

Kindness and benevolence are at the roots of every great relationship. This truth applies to wedding photography as couples need to have an ally by their side to capture their every moments of joy, stress, laughter and love.

Creating the most-suited reportage for every couple requires a bond of trust so we can elaborate their photos together.

Each wedding has its own vibe and color depending on the couple, their desires and their tastes. I try to capture the uniqueness of each love story in my reports.

Photo en clair obscur du détail de dentelle d'une robe de mariée
Mariée assise sur un fauteuil et tenant son bouquet de mariage dans ses mains

Want variety in their wedding coverage images

For years I tried to create very bright, white images whatever the lighting conditions, which sometimes meant going against the light. Even indoors I was obsessed with a looking-like-we're-outside-light. Eventually it felt like trying to fit a square into a round hole.

I now try to work with the light rather than against it. Outdoors, I still go for luminous images that I hope are elegant and timeless. Indoors slowly became a playground of its own, where I get to shape the light differently, using shadows and direct light to offer more cinematic images, portraits that could be as romantic and dramatic as a 17th century painting.

Photography revives what memory tarnishes


I follow lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further afield.


To know a little more about the one holding the camera


To tell me all about your wedding and see if my work and my vision suit you !

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