Who am I ?

My background in photography

I am always telling my brides and grooms it is important to find a photographer whom you feel confident with, especially he is stuck with you for more than ten hours on your wedding day. So I thought it would be nice to tell you more about myself!

My name is Manon and I've been doing photography for more than ten years now, though it took me a while to make it my profession. I did a master in law, then I was a saleswoman for three years. I wasn't passionate about my work, but I didn't necessarily know where I wanted to go professionally. As I have many hobbies, photography was just a thing among others: music, writing, drawing... The difference, as I realized it years later, is that photography is the only thing I never stopped, no matter what was happening in my life. But I still had a job I didn't like that much and yet had a hard time figuring out what to do next. 

Photographe de mariage Belgique Luxembourg Lorraine

My arrival in the world of Wedding Photography

Everything changed when I met Amandine, my wedding photographer. Because of her, I considered for the first time becoming a professional photographer, because she made feel like it was actually possible. I discovered the world of weddings through her, as she took me to my first weddings and taught me the job, which she still does.


She is also the one who gave me the green light to start as a professional photographer, and who will brilliantly managed my stress when I started covering my first weddings. 


In parallel to these professional changes, after several years spent in the Paris region, I had the opportunity to move to Meurthe-et-Moselle, where I live today. I took this chance to confirm the transition to wedding photography and to start covering weddings in a new region. Currently, I work all over Lorraine, in Luxembourg, in Belgium... Or even elsewhere !


Since I lived in Australia for a year as a student, I speak English fluently (though with an extremely qualitative Frenchie accent).

My approach as a Wedding Photographer

I've always loved creating bonds with people - that's probably why I was a salesman before becoming a wedding photographer.


One of the things that is most important to me in my job today is to be able to create a real bond of trust and communication with my brides and grooms. I want them to feel free to share their doubts or questions with me and to rely on me on their big day. To become their ally, so to speak. That's why I often have long (and sometimes numerous) exchanges with couples before the wedding, in order to stregthen this bond of trust that will allow me to accompany them in the best way for this beautiful day. 

On the day of the wedding, I mostly prefer the reportage style, with spontaneous photos on which appear the emotions of the ceremony, a burst of laughter or a hug. On a few occasions I give more direction to the bride and groom and their guests - during couple portraits or group photos, for example - but most of the time I try to photograph "stolen moments" as spontaneously as possible. I want the bride and groom and their guests to be able to have shots of them that look like them. 

My goal when photographing weddings would be for you to think "They look happy, I wish I could have been there." even though you wouldn't even know the people on the pictures. Happiness is a quite universal feeling ! 

Photographe de mariage Lorraine Luxembourg Belgique

If you have any questions, or if you want to talk to me about your wishes for your wedding, don't hesitate to use the form on the Contact page. You can also call me directly: my number is at the bottom of the page!



PS : congratulations to you if you're getting married. 

Even if you're not, actually.

Congratulations anyway.