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I grew up just outside of Brittany and spent every summer of my childhood by the sea in the Côtes d'Armor. When I started photography, Breton landscapes were my first subjects, and I was eager to return to the region as a wedding photographer. I started by accompanying brides and grooms in Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine before eventually working in Finistère.

Portrait d'une mariée le matin de son mariage dans le Finistère

I grew up with a strong interest for manual and creative. Those around me were lucky (and patient enough) to see me try my hand at drawing, painting, playing various musical instruments, singing or writing. Photography was part of this long list but it is now the only activity that has survived the test of time. I continued photography during my studies and then my first years of professional life, but at the time I had no intention of making it a profession.

Everything changed when I got married. That's when I discovered the profession of wedding photographer. This period of my life coincided with a questioning of my career: I did not feel at ease in my professional life. The meeting with my wedding photographer was decisive. She took the time to talk to me about her job, to encourage me, then to train me. I owe her my reconversion.

I was first attracted to wedding photography for the photography part. I loved the creative side of it, the idea of creating beautiful things, and that's precisely what I was missing in my professional life. While covering my first weddings, I realized that this job was more than just photography, that it was also about accompanying couples, putting them at ease, and being a reassuring and supportive presence throughout a day full of emotions and even anxiety, sometimes. This aspect of wedding photography is now one of my favorite parts of my job, and I have built my services around it.


I've been all over Brittany and I discovered Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine long before I could finally come to work in Finistère. Today I am happy to come and cover weddings by the Iroise Sea.



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


To know more about how I work and what I try to create with the couples I work with


Tell me all about your wedding and let's find out if my work is what you're looking for!


I was able to see for myself the importance of establishing a bond of trust and good communication with the photographer. My objective is to accompany the bride and groom as best as possible and to create their reportage, which requires a good preparation of the day and a quality accompaniment on the D-day.

Before the wedding, I start to fill in a report of the photo service, which aims to record each point discussed by the bride and groom and each request: style of report desired, types of photos, particularities of the wedding, important symbols for them, family ties, etc. This document is completed during the preparatory exchanges and serves me to prepare the wedding and the photo service as precisely as possible. My objective is to approach the D-day with all the important points for the bride and groom in mind, in order to create a reportage that meets their expectations and is as personal as possible. The photo service - number of hours of presence, photos rendered, various options - is also adapted to the needs and desires of the bride and groom.

On the D-day, I favor spontaneous photos. My interventions are mainly suggestions to place the bride and groom near a source of light or to propose an activity in another setting that seems to me more beautiful. I am only present if the bride and groom feel the need, for example during the couple or group photos.

Un couple de mariés s'embrassent au coucher du soleil

I am at your disposal if you want to talk to me about your project and your desires

A first discussion obviously does not commit you to anything!

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I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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