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Wedding photographer
in Brittany

I grew up near Nantes and spent my summers in Brittany. Later, for my studies and then for my work, I moved around a lot. I've been to Lille, Paris, Marseille, Australia, and then back to Lille, and now to Lorraine. Brittany has remained a recurring destination for me, to see my family, my friends, and because I have always had a particular attachment to this region. Today, my job as a wedding photographer gives me another reason to come back !

Un couple de mariés est assis devant la cascade du Tendon dans les Vosges

Mon approche en

photographie de mariage

Brittany, photography and me

Brittany is first and foremost a family affair to me. I spent many summers on the (wonderful) island of Bréhat with mu cousins when we were little. We shared a daily life of fishing, swimming and climbing rocks. Now, I take my lover there and we still fish, swim and climb. For me, Brittany remains a regular stopover, a reassuring recurrence. I got married here, and while waiting to settle permanently in Armorique, I regularly come back to cover weddings.

Brittany was also the place of my first photos. The very first one I remember taking is one of my little cousin on the beach in Bréhat. I took it on Christmas holidays with the reflex camera my father had offered to my mother, which I borrowed alongside a lens I broke 48 hours later (good old days). Brittany gives weddings a special atmosphere made of iodized air, granite and gales.

Mes prestations photo dans les Vosges

Je me déplace dans tout le département pour couvrir des

mariages ou des séances photo


Here is how my travels impact the rate of my services

Close to home

100 km included in any wedding or photo session package

Short trips

billing per additional kilometer above 100km

Long trips

Tailor-made formula based on the destination; transport and accomodation costs provided by the bride and groom

Photographe de mariage vagabonde

Quand je vais dans les Vosges pour les mariages, il m'arrive régulièrement de ne pas pouvoir faire l'aller-retour sur la journée, lorsque la prestation est longue ou lorsque les mariés souhaitent ma présence pendant la soirée. Dans ces cas-là, je m'organise avec eux en amont et je dors souvent près du lieu de la noce afin de les accompagner autant de temps qu'ils le souhaitent. Lors des séances photos, je fais plus souvent l'aller-retour sur la journée, mais il m'est aussi arrivée de faire des covoiturages avec les mariés ! 

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