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Wedding photographer

I settled in the north of Meurthe-et-Moselle, close to the Belgian border. When I photograph weddings, I go to the places chosen by the bride and groom, which regularly makes me cross the border to Belgium. Most of the time I stay in the Walloon region, especially near Arlon, but sometimes I come to Brussels. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the area and you want to talk to me about your project, don't hesitate to contact me

My career in photography

I discovered photography when I was a teenager. At that time, I photographed everything around me: my family, my friends, but also when I had the opportunity, the forests, the mountains, the great expanses. I quickly realized when it came to photographing landscapes, I was always disappointed with my pictures. They never conveyed the feeling of eternity that I was feeling at the time of taking the picture. It was as if all this space refused to fit into my frame. 

On the contrary, I liked to photograph people, trying to capture a fleeting emotion or an unexpected movement. I loved to find a burst of laughter or a moment of tenderness in a photo.  Amandine, my own wedding photographer, made me discover this universe which gradually became a big playground.  My preferences can be seen in my reportages: I may want to take "ambiance" photos, but my series ends up overflowing with close-ups and portraits to capture a look of complicity or a kiss. 

Photograph emariag à Bruxelles

My photo services in Belgium

I travel throughout the region to cover weddings or photo shoots

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Wedding photographer in Brussels

On a wedding day, I always do a photo session with the bride and groom on the big day to take a few portraits of them and offer them a calm moment that interrupts the hectic pace of the wedding day. The advantage of a city like Brussels is that there are many beautiful and easily accessible settings to organize a photo session for example after the civil or religious ceremony. The streets of Brussels can lend themselves to very nice posed photos, taking advantage of the old facades or the magnificent covered passages, such as the bright Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. 

Photograph de mariage à Bruxelles, Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Wedding areas around Brussels

When I arrived in Lorraine, I didn't know much about the wedding estates and reception places in the area. I discovered them over time while I was working. As for the Belgian reception domains, I had the chance to cover several events at the (very beautiful) Château du Bois d'Arlon, which is close to my home. In Brussels itself, the Domaine Allard regularly hosts weddings. A little further away, the Château-Fort de Feluy, the Widewance farm or the Domaine de Lonzée also host beautiful receptions. 


Belgium being quite extended, I specify here the modalities of my travel if we are to work together !

Close to home

100 km included in any wedding or photo session package

Short trips

billing per additional kilometer above 100km

Long trips

Tailor-made formula based on the destination; transport and accomodation costs provided by the bride and groom

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