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I started my business as a wedding photographer when I was living in Lorraine, along the Luxembourg border. My first steps in this profession were taken in the region, and I'm lucky enough to work regularly with couples from Luxembourg (despite a very limited vocabulary in this language, which I did try to learn!). I now regularly cover weddings in the Grand Duchy.

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As a child, I was attracted to a wide range of creative activities, always following the same pattern: I would become passionate about a subject - usually one in which I had no particular skills - put my heart and soul into it for a fortnight, and then move on to another passion. This is how painting, drawing, pottery (yes, yes), butterfly, flower, leaf and fan collections (yes, yes), various musical instruments and language learning entered (and then left) my life. Luxembourgish was one of these fleeting passions! In the midst of this creative overflow, the only constant is photography, which I sometimes abandon, only to return to again and again.

I discovered wedding photography through my own photographer, during my wedding preparations. Through her eyes, I discovered a profession I'd never considered before. Her encouragement, patience and kindness helped me to take the plunge into a new career. I owe my first steps in this strange profession to her.

Wedding photography enabled me to reconnect with the social dimension I had lost in my previous jobs. Accompanying the bride and groom effectively requires a relationship of trust and kindness. Through preparatory discussions with the bride and groom, we work together to shape their dream wedding reportage, based on their desires, preferences and personalities. This allows us to approach the big day with peace of mind, because our previous discussions have enabled us to get to know and trust each other.


Having launched my business when I was a neighbor of the Grand Duchy, I had the opportunity to work there right from the start of my career as a wedding photographer. Today, I regularly return to Luxembourg to accompany brides and grooms, both in the city of Luxembourg and in the north of the country, towards Vianden or Clervaux.



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


To know more about how I see wedding photography and what my clients are looking for


Tell me all about your project and what you are looking for when seeking a wedding photographer


The way I accompany couples as a wedding photographer is logically a reflection of what I was looking for as a bride. Anxious by nature, I needed to be accompanied by someone I could trust. Above all, I needed a sense of lightness, of not feeling pressured to take my wedding photos. I try to recreate this atmosphere of lightness on every wedding I work on.


My experience as a wedding photographer and what I've read have convinced me that creating artistic, ambitious images can (and should) be done in a light, caring atmosphere. It's up to me to guide the couples who place their trust in me, and to be able to create for them photos that are just like them, and that will live up to their expectations and ambitions for the day. It's a delicate balance that requires ongoing training, to create with them and for them a wedding reportage that reflects their love story to which I add (or at least try to!) an artistic dimension.

In the run-up to the wedding, several discussions take place with each couple to get to know each other, and to shape their wedding reportage together. Each couple has its own desires, history, symbols and personality, and each wedding report is unique because it's made up of all the details that shape a love story. The documents I've created over the years and that I fill in with the bride and groom help me to design personalized wedding reports that reflect the image of each couple I'm lucky enough to work with.

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I am at your disposal if you want to talk to me about your project and your desires

A first exchange obviously does not commit you to anything!


I had the opportunity to discover some of the beautiful estates of Luxembourg thanks to the events I worked on there. Among these pretty "neighboring" places are the abbey of Neumünster in the heart of the Grund in Luxembourg-cityMondorff Orangery or the Moulin d'Altwies.​ My photo services can also lead me to travel through the Grand Duchy to reach more distant places such as the (magnificent) castles of Bourscheid, Vianden or Urspelt. I regularly cross the border for weddings or photoshoots so do not hesitate to contact me regardless of the place you have chosen for your beautiful event!

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I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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