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Wedding photographer
in Morbihan

I grew up near Nantes, in Loire Atlantique. Today I have the chance, thanks to my job as a wedding photographer, to return to the region for my photo services. In addition to the Pays de la Loire, my services often bring me to Brittany, among others in Morbihan.

Photo des mariés au bord de la mer dans le Morbihan. Derrière eux on aperçoit un chemin en bord de mer, la plage et le ciel bleu

Terms and conditions for photography services in

When I talk with future brides and grooms about my photo services, I start by present my three standard packages to them, respectively 6h, 9h and 12h of presence on the D-day. This allows me to have a first idea of their desires and their constraints in terms of planning. Afterwards, of course, a customized formula can be elaborated at the request of the bride and groom, to include for example a second day of service, a longer service to adapt to a specific schedule, a Day After abroad, etc. My wedding packages start at 1700€.

The photos are given to the bride and groom via a private online gallery. They also receive a box containing prints of their wedding and the USB key containing the entire reportage.

I never publish any photos of a wedding before the bride and groom have validated their gallery. This allows them to take the time to discover their photos and to give me their feedback in all serenity, since I let them the possibility to veto some pictures if they feel the need.

My wedding photography services in Morbihan

I move in all the department for my photo services of marriage or
of photo sessions

Lancer de bouquet de la mariée pendant le vin d'honneur. On voit la mariée au premier plan qui s'apprête à lancer le bouquet


Charly & Romain

Portrait des mariés pendant leur séance couple dans le Morbihan au bord de la mer


Malo & Jeanne

Les mariés sortent de l'église sous les applaudissements de leurs invités après leur cérémonie religieuse


Olivia & Cyril

My approach to wedding photography

Photography entered my life little by little. I started by taking a lot of pictures without being interested in the technique: this aspect came later, when I wished to improve the quality and the rendering of my images. I learned wedding photography in particular from my wedding photographer, who agreed to train me and take me with her to cover events.

My work approach is based above all on a good communication with the bride and groom. On a wedding day, I favor spontaneity and good humor to put the guests in confidence. For the bride and groom, often stressed by this day that they have prepared for months, it is essential to have already taken the time to discuss beforehand in order to establish a relationship of mutual trust on which to rely on the D-day. I can have only a few exchanges with the future bride and groom before the wedding, or make regular updates if they feel the need: each collaboration is built accordingly to the desires and needs of each.

On the day of the wedding, I prefer the reportage approach, which consists in observing the events and intervening as little as possible in order to guarantee the spontaneity of the people on the photos. Most of the time, I try not to be seen or, if I am, to lighten the atmosphere enough to make wedding photography less dramatic in people's minds. I am more present during moments where the bride and groom need more guidance: the couple session - anxiety-provoking for people who are not used to posing, which is 99% of the bride and groom - group photos or a church exit with many guests, for example.

Photo des invités qui attendent les mariés devant le château de Vitré en Ille-et-Vilaine pour leur cérémonie civile

Brittany and my discovery
of wedding photography

I grew up in the Loire-Atlantique region of France, and spent many summers (and winters) in Brittany. When I started photography, the pink granite coast of the Côtes d'Armor or the Gulf of Morbihan were naturally my favorite subjects.

As I got married in Loire-Atlantique, I had my wedding covered by a Breton photographer. When she agreed to take me with her on some of her weddings to train me, those events naturally took place in Brittany. In the end, my taste for wedding photography was born in the region during my very first weddings. 

Today, I am happy to be able to come back to Brittany as a fully-fledged professional photographer. Within the framework of my services, I work as well in the Côtes d'Armor and the Finistère as in Ille-et-Vilaine and in the Morbihan.


To know more about me, you can also visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

photo des packagings proposés aux mariés dans le cadre des prestations de photographie de mariage. La photo représente la boîte fournie aux mariés lors de la remise de leur reportage contenant des tirages leur clé usb et un peu de lavande. La boîte est gravée à leurs noms

Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!