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Wedding photographer


When I moved to the north of Meurthe-et-Moselle, I never imagined that I would have to work in the Ardennes. However, I was lucky enough to be contacted to cover beautiful weddings as far as Sedan!

My career in photography

I discovered photography when I was a teenager. At that time, I photographed everything around me: my family, my friends, but also when I had the opportunity, the forests, the mountains, the great expanses. I quickly realized when it came to photographing landscapes, I was always disappointed with my pictures. They never conveyed the feeling of eternity that I was feeling at the time of taking the picture. It was as if all this space refused to fit into my frame. 

On the contrary, I liked to photograph people, trying to capture a fleeting emotion or an unexpected movement. I loved to find a burst of laughter or a moment of tenderness in a photo.  Amandine, my own wedding photographer, made me discover this universe which gradually became a big playground.  My preferences can be seen in my reportages: I may want to take "ambiance" photos, but my series ends up overflowing with close-ups and portraits to capture a look of complicity or a kiss. I try my best to photograph in my own way another form of eternity.

Photographe de mariage Sedan Ardennes

My photo services in the Ardennes

I travel throughout the region to cover weddings or photo shoots




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Getting married in Sedan!

I am lucky enough to be solicited by brides and grooms from all over the Grand Est region, including the Ardennes. This is an opportunity for me to discover new settings, including the beautiful city of Sedan! I try to privilege spontaneity in my photographs. I want my brides and grooms to have pictures where they really see themselves, which means making them feel as comfortable as possible so that they adopt attitudes that are natural for them. Of course, to make them forget the presence of my cameras, having a beautiful city in which to walk around is a great asset! 


I discovered Sedan during an engagement session I did in its magnificent castle. I was able to enjoy this majestic old stone setting for a few hours of strolling! In the streets of the city you can also find many settings for photo sessions, such as the facades of the rue Saint-Michel, the Collège Nassau or the Dijonval.

Photographe de mariage Sedan

The pretty town hall of Sedan

Wedding areas around Sedan

Some of my couples got married in Sedan because there are many beautiful domains hosting weddings around the city. I discovered the very beautiful Domaine Château du Faucon during one of my weddings, but there also are the pretty Château de Bazeilles or the Domaine de Vendresse, not to mention the unavoidable fortified castle of Sedan because in addition to the nice walks in the ramparts for a photo shoot, I also discovered that we could organize weddings there ! 

Photographe de mariage Sedan Ardennes domaine château du Faucon

Domaine Château du Faucon


The French departments of Grand Est, including the Ardennes, being extended, I specify here the modalities of my travel if we are to work together !

Close to home

100 km included in any wedding or photo session package

Short trips

billing per additional kilometer above 100km

Long trips

Tailor-made formula based on the destination; transport and accomodation costs provided by the bride and groom

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