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un couple de mariés dans les jardins botaniques de metz. Le marié tient la mariée dans ses bras et on voit les roses de la roseraie derrière eux

One moment cannot be both lived and kept. You have to make a choice.

Frank Horvat


I discovered photography when I was a teenager. My first camera (or rather the one I shamefully appropriated) was a Canon SLR that came into the family at Christmas. I started taking it everywhere and photographing everything and anything. The habit of taking pictures on every trip, at every event, gradually took hold. For more than ten years, photography remained a hobby. 

Then came the preparations for my wedding. My own wedding photographer became a friend and introduced me to the world of wedding photography. She accepted to train me when I called her 48 hours after my wedding ("Amandine, I can't take my job anymore, teach me yours." "Well this is going to be a long conversation I'll make some tea.") I cover my first events by grafting myself to her weddings. Under her supervision, I train and only launch myself professionally when she considers me ready (those are perfect conditions to start a professional activity and I'll always be grateful to her). 

Wedding photography is now the heart of my activity. In addition to photography, I found in this job a social dimension that suits me: each service requires to create a bond of confidence and communication with the bride and groom. It is an aspect of the job that I like very much, therefore necessary to the good development of the reportage. Accompanying the bride and groom with kindness is what allows us all to enjoy the day in the best conditions!


My approach to wedding photography is closely linked to my feelings as a former bride, and I probably try to adopt the behavior I was looking for in my own wedding photographer (and since she also trained me, it all makes sense now).

In my opinion, the challenge of the first exchanges with the bride and groom is simply to make sure that we have the same approach to their event, that the way I work could match their wishes and expectations. Once a bond of trust and good communication is established, we think together about the scope of the service. This scope can change during the months before the wedding, when the planning of the day becomes clearer. Hence the importance of good communication!

On the big day, I prefer spontaneous photos and avoid guiding the guests and the bride and groom too much, even if I remain at their disposal if needed. The couple session is often the moment when I accompany the bride and groom more, because the exercise is often intimidating and totally new for them!

I submit the photos within three weeks of the event via an online gallery. No photo is published on any of my networks before the gallery is validated by the bride and groom, so that they keep control of their image. A box is also sent to them, containing some prints of their wedding and the USB key containing the reportage. On my side, I multiply the backups of each reportage, in order to be able to give it back to the bride and groom if they encounter a problem with their copies.

Having lived in Australia for a year, I am able to work in English, even though both my grammar and my accent may sometimes be quite atypical!

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To know more about me, you can visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

photo des packagings proposés aux mariés dans le cadre des prestations de photographie de mariage. La photo représente la boîte fournie aux mariés lors de la remise de leur reportage contenant des tirages leur clé usb et un peu de lavande. La boîte est gravée à leurs noms

A service based on trust and communication

Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!

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