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I grew up on the banks of the Loire, near Nantes. With my brother, we visited an impressive number of Châteaux of the Loire Vallée, thanks to a father who was passionate about history and a mother who was passionate about everything. I thought the region would remain confined to my childhood memories, but my parents' strategy of immersion worked out impressively well since as soon as I returned to the region, I did everything to come back as a wedding photographer to wander in the castles of my childhood!

a bride from behind descends a monumental staircase on her wedding day

Photography came into my life at the same time as an uninterrupted stream of creative hobbies that punctuated my childhood and adolescence, each following the next for a period that rarely exceeded a few weeks: drawing, painting, writing, collecting of all kinds, creating jewelry, herbariums, collages of all kinds... In the midst of this chaotic creative fever, photography was the only constant. But I never imagined making a career out of it.

Everything changed when I got married. I discovered photography through the eyes of my wedding photographer. She pushed me towards a career change, gave me the opportunity to cover my first events, and made me believe this dream of switching jobs was actually possible. She's the reason I became a wedding photographer.

In wedding photography I've rediscovered the creative dimension and the crave of learning I'd lost since my childhood passions. The learning in photography never ends! In addition to this creative dimension, and the photographic technique itself, my job has enabled me to reconnect with a social fiber that I'd also deserted. Creating a wedding report that reflects a couple's personality and ambitions requires building a bond based on trust and kindness. I'm passionate about finding this balance between artistic expectations and creating a safe and fun space for the couple to enjoy their amazing day while still getting elegant and sophisticated images.



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


How I work and what I try to create with the couples who trust me.


To tell me all about your wedding and find out if my work may interest you !


Weddings often follow a common pattern, but each event has its own atmosphere, its own particular hue, depending on the personality and tastes of the couple who imagined it and bring it to life on the big day. Over the years, I've developed documents that I complete with the brides and grooms I work with in order to shape their wedding reportage.


On the wedding day, I'm constantly oscillating between editorial photos and the candid shots needed to capture every moment of the day. My aim is to maintain an atmosphere of lightness and fun at every moment, no matter if I'm trying to achieve candid pictures or a more editorial look. I'm convinced that it's possible to reconcile an editorial approach to wedding photography with the lightness and emotion that should characterize a wedding day.  Finding (and keeping!) this balance throughout the day to guide the bride and groom while leaving them enough space to fully enjoy the day and their emotions is the foundation of my profession.


This never-ending quest requires for me to keep learning. It can be through photographers I admire; many (many) books or movies I draw my inspiration from, analyzing and questioning my work constantly in order to find new ways of creating elegant, timeless images in the most relaxed and fun way possible. If all of that isn't enough, I do have many embarrassing anecdotes I gladly share with my clients to lighten the mood on the D-Day !

a smiling couple walk down the aisle of their wedding ceremony


A couple is dancing during their cocktail on their wedding day in the Loire Valley

A huge thank you to Manon who did an exceptional job capturing the most beautiful moments of our wedding in Provence.

We were immediately at ease with Manon, and she put us at ease with her legendary sense of humor!
Throughout our wedding preparations, she was always available to listen and give us precious advice.

The result of the photos is magnificent. We couldn't have wished for anything better than to have Manon by our side on this very important day to immortalize these moments. Our guests loved her too!

Déjy and Louise

Tell me all about your wishes and requests for your beautiful day and let's find out if my work might suit you!


The Châteaux of the Loire Valley and I have a long history. It goes back to my childhood, when I spent vacations and weekends with my parents and brother, exploring many of them: Amboise, Chenonceau, Chambord and its staircase, Azay-le-Rideau (my mother's favorite), Ussé, the gardens of Villandry, Blois, Cheverny... I then left the region for several years, but came back for my wedding! I got married close to the Loire river and I even got to cover my very first wedding as a professional photographer on the very same estate where I got married! My adventure in wedding photography started on the very same banks of the river where I grew up and got married.

Even though I vividly remember how tired I was to see yet again another Château of the Loire Valley (except for the Château de Goulaine which had a magnificent butterfly greenhouse), I must admit these wanderings impacted me more deeply that I thought, for my first desire as soon as I finally came back in the region was to return to all those dark corridors and sumptuous châteaux with my adult eyes to immortalize weddings.

A wedding table is set outside of the venue with a blue table cloth and pink candles and flowers


I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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