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in Loire Atlantique

I grew up near Nantes, in Loire Atlantique. My student career and then my professional debut led me to move a lot, to put my bags far away from my native region, but I always came back, if only to see my family. I now have the chance to travel the region as part of my job as a wedding photographer!

photographie prise pendant les préparatifs d'une mariée le matin du mariage. Portrait en noir et blanc de la mariée qui regarde l'objectif en souriant après avoir mis son voile

I first suggest to my brides and grooms my three standard packages, which differ in the number of hours the photographer is present on the wedding day. I may also have to rethink a package to adapt it to the needs of the bride and groom when they have specific wishes: brunch the day after the wedding, the day starting earlier than planned, etc. My wedding photography services start at 1700€.

The photos are made available to the bride and groom via a private gallery. They also receive a box engraved with their names and wedding date, which contains a few prints and a USB stick containing the entire reportage. I try to keep all the wedding reports I make on my side so that I can send them back to the bride and groom if they have any issue with their copy.

No photo is ever shared by me on any social network before the bride and groom have validated their wedding gallery, so that they always keep control of the sharing of their image and they can validate their photos before authorising their diffusion. 

My wedding photography services in Loire-Atlantique

I am most familiar with the Nantes and Angers areas, but I regularly go to work in Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Herblain or Rezé

Séance photo des mariés en bord de mer dans le Morbihan


Manoir de Randrecard, Morbihan


Mariage de Sara et Thomas-132.jpg


Château d'Urspelt, Luxembourg


séance photo avec des mariés à Saint Malo en Ille et Vilaine



My approach to wedding photography

I was trained in wedding photography by my own wedding photographer, so her working methods rubbed off on me, and her working methods are precisely the reason why I wanted to work with her in the first place. I think I strive to be the kind of photographer I was looking for as a bride-to-be! 

I firmly believe that the most successful photos are those where the photographer and the models are comfortable and confident in each other's presence. This is why I place so much importance on having discussions with the bride and groom before the wedding. Some couples are reassured and have no more questions after a single exchange, others need more time to feel confident: I adapt to everyone's needs! The wedding photographer is one of the most important people at the bride and groom's side on the big day, so it is essential that they see him as an ally, a friend, someone to lean on and to ask for advice if necessary. 

On the technical side, I work essentially in reportage mode, i.e. by letting the bride and groom and their guests act as they wish, and by capturing moments of complicity or emotion. I sometimes guide the bride and groom on specific photo series, such as couples sessions, which can be a daunting exercise. Besides, everyone needs a little guidance to be reassured when it comes to do something you've never done before, such as having pictures of you taken on one of the most important days of your life ! The majority of my photos are in colour, although I love black and white when the mood of the photo and the subject lend themselves to it.

gros plan d'une rose dans le bouquet d'une mariée posé sur une chaise

Loire-Atlantique and
wedding photography

The Loire-Atlantique has a very important role in my career as a photographer. As I grew up near Nantes, and spent many weekends and holidays by the sea which was not so far from our home, the seaside landscapes were my first subjects. My taste for photography was born in this region. Later, I moved away for my studies but I came back to the Loire-Atlantique for my wedding.


For the second time, the Nantes region has played a major role in my career as a photographer, since I met my wedding photographer, Amandine, there. She introduced me to the world of wedding photography and she agreed to train me so that I could then launch my own business.

I started my career in Loire-Atlantique, both as an amateur photographer and as a professional photographer. Today, I am lucky enough to work here as a wedding photographer and to travel around the Loire-Atlantique and Nantes region as well as the vast region of the Pays de la Loire.  


To know more about me, you can visit my blog. You will find articles about my photo services or about the wedding world in general. I also talk about photo culture, wedding fashion, organization, in short, everything that interests me!

Détail d'une table de mariage à Rennes en Ille-et-Vilaine. On voit une assiette et des couverts et un grand bouquet de fleurs en arrière-plan.


Every contact with a couple starts with a meeting: at my home (which gives me an excuse to make cakes) or by telephone. These talks are essential for me to understand the wishes of the bride and groom, but above all to ensure that they feel confident with me. It is impossible to commit to such an important service without taking the time to check that we are all on the same wavelength!

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