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I grew up in Loire-Atlantique and shared many weekends and vacations between the Breton and Normandy coasts. Today, I'm lucky enough to travel all over France to accompany brides and grooms, and my services regularly bring me back to Normandy.

Un marié enlace sa femme et l'embrasse dans le cou le jour de leur mariage


My childhood was a whirlwind of more or less successful attempts at creative activities as ephemeral as they were varied: music, singing, writing, drawing, painting, creating jewelry, herbariums, writing notebooks, collections of all kinds, fans, notebooks, sea-polished tiles, glass objects - in short, I dabbled in everything, but never for more than three weeks, much to the despair of my family. In the midst of this somewhat chaotic frenzy of creative hobbies, only photography stands the test of time.

Photography was a profession I never considered until I met my wedding photographer. It seemed too risky, too difficult. And then, through her eyes, I discovered wedding photography. She made me feel like I could do it too. She made it 'doable'. I owe my conversion to her patience and encouragement.

Through wedding photography, I've managed to bring together skills I never thought I could reunite. The artistic and creative dimension, of course, which is our core business. But I also find in weddings the need to create a bond with each couple, to build a relationship of trust, which is the basis of every report. This profession also allows me to touch on a huge range of different skills: legal, administrative, strategic... It's a perfect fit with my childhood tendency to be constantly trying out different activities !



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


To know more about how I work and what I try to create with the couples I work with.


To tell me all about your wedding and find out if my work may interest you !


I based my approach to wedding photography on my own expectations as a bride-to-be. I needed to feel accompanied by a benevolent presence who could help me stay calm and enjoy my day. Above all, my anxious nature needed lightness.

I thought so when I started out, and I'm still deeply convinced of it today: creating elegant, ambitious images doesn't mean that the atmosphere can't be relaxed, light and fun. I think it's essential to know how to make this ambition to create ever more polished and accomplished images coexist with an atmosphere that must reflect what I believe a wedding is all about: joy, love, fun. To create this balance, I'm constantly learning from photographers I admire and reading many books about photography.

In order to best prepare for this particularly intense day, I have created a number of documents that enable me to discuss with the bride and groom before the wedding day, so that together we can shape their wedding reportage. Each wedding day follows a common pattern, but each event has its own atmosphere and vibe based on the life journey of the couple who imagined it. Those particularities that makes each wedding different from the next is the essence of our work. It's what makes it so interesting. I hope to convey this uniqueness through my images.

Portrait d'une mariée devant une fenêtre tenant un bouquet de mariée blanc


Un couple de mariés danse en riant pendant leur mariage en Provence

A huge thank you to Manon who did an exceptional job capturing the most beautiful moments of our wedding in Provence.

We were immediately at ease with Manon, and she put us at ease with her legendary sense of humor!
Throughout our wedding preparations, she was always available to listen and give us precious advice.

The result of the photos is magnificent. We couldn't have wished for anything better than to have Manon by our side on this very important day to immortalize these moments. Our guests loved her too!

Déjy and Louise

I'm at your disposal to talk about your project and your desires for this beautiful day. Of course, a first discussion does not commit you to anything!


From Normandy, I first came to know the Mont Saint-Michel ("The Couesnon - a river forming an estuary at Mont Saint-Michel - in its madness put the Mont in Normandy, but the Couesnon in its reason one day will give it back to Brittany"), which I used to visit with my parents, as we didn't live far away. Then I discovered the seaside, the cliffs of Etretat and the climate, which is undoubtedly milder than Brittany (although nothing in my heart will ever replace the pink granite coast and the seaside landscapes of Finistère). I fell in love with photography through seascapes and the wonderful work of the Peintres de la Marine. Wedding photography then superimposed itself on this initial attraction to coastal landscapes. I'm very fortunate to be able to return regularly to work in Normandy, where I sometimes manage to combine these two aspects of photography.

Copie de Alexandra & Bjorn-25.jpg


I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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