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Wedding photographer


Based in Longwy, in the north of Meurthe-et-Moselle, I am very close to the Belgian border, so I am regularly called to cover weddings or do photo shoots there. Wallonia is of course the closest region to my home, but I regularly go to Flanders or Brussels. If you are looking for a photographer in the Belgian region, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss about it! 

My career in photography

I started photography as a teenager, "borrowing" the family camera, which I then dragged everywhere, from student room to student room, even to Australia where I lived for a year. I gradually moved from vacation photos to family photos, then from family photos to close-up portraits, which still have the place of honor in my wedding reportages today.

Trained by a wedding photographer (my wedding photographer), I only started professionally with her approval and after discovering with her what it is like to be a wedding photographer. I loved the atmosphere and the fact that I could photograph people laughing, crying, kissing, in short, being happy together. My approach reflects this idea: while I try to make suggestions to my subjects if they need it, I never direct them, so I can be sure to create photos that look exactly like them.

My ideal photo is the one where even though you don't know the people on it you'll think : "they look happy: I wish I was there."

Photographe de mariage Belgique

My photo services

Below are links to my wedding and photo shoot portfolios, where you will find several photo galleries of events I photographied

Mariage de Lucie et Maxime-247.jpg


Séance d'engagement de Clément et Sarah-


My companionship with Belgium

I had twice the opportunity to live near Belgium. I first studied in Lille, which allowed me to visit Ghent, Brussels and Bruges (I remember very well having a real crush on Bruges, by the way). A few years later, I moved to Longwy, a few kilometers away from the Belgian border, which allowed me to discover Wallonia where I now often go for work.

Even if I love to discover new regions by myself, it is not rare that my brides and grooms or couples make me discover beautiful places on the Belgian side, like the Abbey of Orval, one of my last (and most beautiful) discoveries! 

Photographe de mariage Belgique


Since I can work anywhere in Belgium, here is how my travels impact the rate of my services

Close to home

100 km included in any wedding or photo session package

Short trips

billing per additional kilometer above 100km

Long trips

Tailor-made formula based on the destination; transport and accomodation costs provided by the bride and groom

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