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àt Luxembourg City

I started to work as a wedding photographer while living in Lorraine which naturally led me to work in the French departments of Meurthe et Moselle, Moselle or Meuse, but I also quickly had the chance to come to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the cities of Luxembourg-city and Esch-sur-Alzette.

Portrait en noir et blanc d'une mariée le jour de son mariage


Before discovering the particular field of wedding photography, I started taking photos as a teenager. The family camera gradually became my tacit property and I started to take pictures of everything. As a child, I tried many creative activities that I was passionate about for a few weeks before abandoning them. Painting, drawing, pottery, various collages, and many others have thus entered (then left) my life. Photography is the only activity that remained a constant in my life, even during my studies and then, later in my professional life.


Until my own wedding, photography remains a hobby and I have never even dreamed of turning it into an actual job. It feels impossible for me to imagine being good enough to make a living out of photography. I learn about wedding photography as I'm looking for my own wedding photographer. Amandine changes my life because she accepts to tell me all about her journey as a photographer, then training me to help me becoming one. I don't think I'd have taken the leap of faith without her. I owe her this career that was one of the best decisions of my life.

As a wedding photographer, I try to be the person I was looking for as a bride - and since I was trained by my very wedding photographer, I guess that makes sense. I believe a quality photo service is based above all on a relationship of trust, communication and benevolence with the couple. Over the course of my exchanges with the bride and groom, I complete a document defining the photo service the couple want writing down everything they talk to me about : poses, style, colors, etc. Wedding days follow the same pattern, but each story and each event is unique. I strive to bring every story to life through photos that embody everything that makes each day unique.

My photo services at Luxemburg

I often cross the border to work for couples who tie the knot in the Grand Duchy.

I work most often in the southern cantons of the country: Luxemburg, Remich, Capellen or Esch-sur-Alzette, but I travel all over the region according to the desires of the bride and groom



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


I do photo shoots for couples but also for families or friends.


To find out more about the services I provide to couples and families


When I was a teenager and discovered photography, I started reading articles and biographies of photographers whose work I admired. One day, I read a sentence of the French photographer Frank Horvat who said "The moment cannot be lived and kept at the same time". This sentence marked me, first because I found it beautiful and then, when I became a photographer, because I found it very true. It sums up very well what I think the job of wedding photographer is.



A wedding concentrates in a few hours an event that often took months to prepare. So many things happen in such a short time that living this day to the fullest is not easy, and it is even less easy if you have to worry about saving all these memories. That's why it's important to entrust this important responsibility to a professional.



We know how our memories are slowly altered as time goes by. The past is a story that is constantly being rewritten. Photos are the main repository of our memories, they freeze them as they were to allow us to revisit them. In order to conceive each reportage according to the expectations of the couple, I fill in a logbook of the service during the exchanges. My objective is that each photo reportage translates the particularity of each wedding and each love story.

portrait d'une mariée de dos tenant son bouquet de mariée

I remain at your disposal if you wish to talk to me about your project

A single conversation doesn't commit you to anything !


As part of my job, I cover weddings but also photo shoots that couples sometimes want to do near their home, especially in Luxembourg City. Being able to walk around a place that you love and know well can help you find spontaneity in front of the camera! I even cover weddings in Luxembourg City, since some places like the Royal Hotel or the Neumünster Abbey, in the heart of the old districts of the city, host weddings. 


The rest of Luxembourg also has beautiful wedding areas that I have the joy to discover thanks to my job as a photographer. Near Luxembourg City, there is the Château de Septfontaines, in the Rollingergrund district, or An Haffen, further south of the city. A little further east of the city, you can get married at the Moulin d'Altwies, the Château de Wintrange or the Orangerie de Mondorff. Since I visited it, I also dream of a couple session with lovers at the magnificent castle of Vianden!


I've always loved writing - I've been very active in the wonderful world of Fanfiction for years - and I wanted to link these editorial inclinations with my taste for photography. I write about my services, about the world of marriage, I share thoughts, the fruit of certain research I have done on several aspects of photography... I welcome you in this joyful mayhem! 

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