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After launching my business in the East of France, where I was living at the time, my job as a wedding photographer now takes me all over France, accompanying lovers who choose to celebrate their union as far afield as the Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon.

un couple de mariés s'embrasse le jour de leur mariage


I discovered photography when I was 12 or 13. My father had given my mother a camera, which I eventually stole and brought everywhere with me. At the time, it was just a hobby and I never imagined I'd be able to make a living out of it.


I discovered wedding photography through my own wedding photographer! While I was organizing my wedding, I was also struggling in a professional life I didn't like. I felt out of place, I felt 'bas' at my job because I didn't enjoy it that much. My parents are workaholics deeply passionate about their jobs. Growing up with such examples amplified the fact I didn't find that kind of joy in my job. The total absence of any creative dimension to my work as a sales rep was also weighing heavily on me, and I was beginning to think about changing careers. But to do what? Meeting my wedding photographer was decisive. She introduced me to a profession I'd never considered before. Through her, I saw new possibilities. I owe my change of career to her patience and encouragement.

In wedding photography, I've found the creative dimension I'd sorely missed until then, but also (and above all) a social aspect that I'm passionate about. Shaping a wedding report means bringing together an aesthetic and artistic approach and accompanying each couple to create a report that reflects their image and their love story. The support I offer has been progressively expanded to make my services and the final report even more personalized. 



I accompany lovers in all their projects, small weddings or large receptions, in France or further away.


To know more about how I work and what I try to create with the couples I work with.


To tell me all about your wedding and find out if my work may interest you !


My approach to wedding photography has evolved over the years, with experience and personal taste gradually shaping the support and work I offer to brides and grooms.


A wedding reportage is first and foremost the story of a wedding day as it unfolded. The atmosphere and personality of the bride, groom and guests must be captured. Each report reflects the people involved and the details chosen by the couple. Over the years, I've wanted to add more editorial sequences to this reportage, with more thoughtful and ambitious scenography, so as to offer the bride and groom, in addition to spontaneous photos of their day, more grandiose and solemn shots. We'll never be as beautiful and happy as we are on our wedding day! I think it's important to preserve more elaborate images of this moment! In fact, part of my job, both on the big day and in the run-up to it, is now to work with the bride and groom to create this type of image, advising and guiding them on the posing part that intimidated us all as we approached our big day.


In the run-up to the wedding, I have developed and improved several documents I work with, which enable me to approach the wedding with a comprehensive vision of the bride and groom's desires: their tastes, the aesthetics they are looking for in their images, what they want and don't want to do, the moments or guests that are particularly important to them, the breakdown of the schedule according to their priorities, etc. Each reportage must reflect the bride and groom's personal style and uniqueness!

Portrait d'une mariée tenant dans ses bras son bouquet de fleurs


Un couple de mariés danse avec ses invités lors d'un mariage en Provence

A huge thank you to Manon who did an exceptional job capturing the most beautiful moments of our wedding in Provence.

We were immediately at ease with Manon, and she put us at ease with her legendary sense of humor!
Throughout our wedding preparations, she was always available to listen and give us precious advice.

The result of the photos is magnificent. We couldn't have wished for anything better than to have Manon by our side on this very important day to immortalize these moments. Our guests loved her too!

Déjy and Louise

I'm at your disposal to talk about your project and your desires for this beautiful day. Of course, a first discussion does not commit you to anything!


I grew up near Nantes, in the Loire Valley. My mother's family is from Brittany, my father's from Provence. Growing up Marseille and Provence were all I knew from the South of the country, because we didn't travel elsewhere. The other regions of the South of France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie, came into my life later, thanks to my job as a wedding photographer. It was an opportunity to discover new landscapes, travel new roads and accompany lovers to places I'd never been before! It also showed me that Pagnol was not the sole embodiment of the South of France - despite the entirety of his novels ingested at the age of 10 with the encouragement of my grandparents, for whom "le Sud" was (and always will be, I'm afraid) Marseille.

Copie de Alexandra & Bjorn-25.jpg


At first, I wanted to keep a blog for my Google referencing (we're being 100% honest here). Eventually, through this blog, I got back into writing, and my desire to talk about anything and everything did the rest! I now write about wedding photography, but also about other aspects of the wedding world... Anything I find interesting and potentially useful for you is shared here!

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